Dolphin Dreams

Lawton Elementary School 2020-2021 Direct Drive


 Our Dolphin Dreams direct drive fundraiser is an important opportunity for the community to come together to support programs such as library books & support, school counselor, student technology licenses and so much more.  The primary goal of the Dolphin Dreams campaign is to reach 100% participation so that all members of our community come together to support the students, teachers, staff, and families at the school. With our current student enrollment, we estimate the need per child is $512. However, we understand that it is a difficult year and not every family is able to give at that level, so please consider giving at the level at which you're comfortable. Even if you can't give at this time, please click on the "Donate Now" button above to log your participation.


100% of your donation will be tax deductible and 100% of your donation will go to the PTA budget.  


Please support the teachers, staff, and students of Lawton Elementary by clicking on the "Donate Now" button above by October 30th.





Lawton PTA has chosen Bailey Gatzert Elementary as our SPS partner school and we hope that this is the beginning of a long-term partnership between our schools. Located in the Central District, Bailey Gatzert serves a population of ~300 pre-K through grade 5 students. At Gatzert, 94% of the population are students of color, 33% of students are English Language Learners, and 18% are students with disabilities. You can help Bailey Gatzert's Family Partners Group break down education barriers by ensuring families have access to key learning resources, such as translation services, critical materials to improve at-home learning and additional academic assistance for their diverse population of students.  


Please help support our partner school with a supplemental donation to the Bailey Gatzert's Family Partners Group through the "Donate Now" button above. Your contribution to Bailey Gatzert is in addition to any donation you make to the Lawton PTA Direct Drive.